A Dream of Reason III. Wild Flowers, Opening, and The Unnatural Bird Song of My Kind

III: Writing Wild flowers

 Wild flowers Opening (2005)

         This manuscript as writing may at first glance appear wild and free. Yet images and narratives are continuously pushed beyond themselves towards the explicitly conceptual.

Relatively pure images and narratives can contribute to reconstruction (e.g., they open lines of “constructive implication” and articulate the unities that abstraction and analysis require)…. This farm requires a small area of forest, even a touch of jungle, to renew the earth.

Even reason can become a prison…. “Wild flowers” are their “own excuse for being.”

The Unnatural Bird Song of Our Kind (1979)


I passionately desire to write directly: as a bird sings, a cat meows…as rain falls and sheep bleat. No artifact. Simple natural movement.

Recently the writing of Christopher Nolan brought me to question my desire…. Locked silent. Now utterance. Word by laborious word. Typing stick on forehead. Head held and steadied. Here if anywhere – ­speech blocked – the natural bird song of our kind in writing:

He saw his life recoil before him and using the third person he received poor sad boyhood and casting himself inside the frame of Joseph Meehan he pranked himself a storyteller. Laugh he pleaded, for lovely laughter vanquishes raw wounded pride. (28)

Author, persona, artifact.


Oscar Wilde:

The first duty in life is to be as artificial as possible. What the second duty is no one has yet discovered. (Janik113)

Our nature is artifice, is also – more profoundly – self-contradiction. We are and are not artificial…. “The Wildian complex”: free play lusts for necessity, necessity lusts to lose itself in play.

The Above A Dream of Reason III. Wild Flowers, Opening, and The Unnatural Bird Song of My Kind from Avron Soyer’s A Dream of Reason

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