Everybody needs a lobby. Yes?

Everybody needs a lobby. That includes women. Yes, we nurture, we care give, we organize, we achieve. Like water off a ducks back, it’s easy. What’s hard is to form a lobby. Why is that? How can we change that? Well, there are about125 million adult women in a population of about 324 million folks in […]

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A Slice of Life Film- Avron’s Sketches

A day in the life video of Avron Soyer by Kacey Anisa with Avron’s sketches of Political figures in the days long before this contentious debate. Transcript Except: A close shot of Avron’s hands holding scissors and a stack of sketches, he says “Ok, the first thing  that one does is cut off the sides, […]

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Writings and Interviews by Avron Soyer

Reflections on life, paintings, theory, conversation.

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