Why I can’t Listen to the Debates -Guest Blog by Maxine Kern


Painting by Avron Soyer

When one is in the presence of a bully, the air leaves the room. One becomes suffocated with the poison of their cynicism.
     The powerlessness one experiences, fuels a bully. The bully (bully-well) feels their own power when the others in the room go limp in passive agreement.
      A circle emerges within which all the participants sail into comfort and trust. To break that circle is to commit a heinous crime against a group. What else can one do? Leave the room? I’m not watching the debate because I’m leaving the room.
       Right now the bully is Donald Trump. He could morph however. His name could change to Ryan, Cruz, Rubio, shades of “bullyism”, some in disguise. Thanks to Trump there is no disguise and I have complete permission not to enter into the room and not to watch the debate.


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