Touching Reason: Towards a Dialogic Sociology-Psychology

(Full PDF)

by Avron Soyer

Table of Contents

Book I: Questioning Opening page 4

Book II: Opening Dialogic Sociology-Psychology page 54

Book III: Hearing the Music Between: 1 -Exploring The Personal-Interpersonal Field page 117

Book IV: The Music Between Us 2: The Problem/solution Connection page 145

Book V: This Challenged World page 202

Book VI Walking Through 1: Speaking for Art “in my own room” page 232

Book VII: Walking through 2: Rejected by The New School University (2007-2015) page 232

Book VIII: Walking through the world 3: On the Edge (2016 ) page 269

Book IX: Notes to a young Sociologist-Psychologist: Suggesting Potentialities, Envisioning Structures (2018-2019) page 328