A Slice of Life Film- Avron’s Sketches

A day in the life video of Avron Soyer by Kacey Anisa with Avron’s sketches of Political figures in the days long before this contentious debate.

Transcript Except:

A close shot of Avron’s hands holding scissors and a stack of sketches, he says “Ok, the first thing  that one does is cut off the sides, because this is from a pad that has a binder. That’s the system, you know?” He cuts a series of drawings, removing the ragged edges, “It’s amazing the difference that it makes, because everything that is in the picture is part of the structure, and having these squares on the side distorts the image.”


“…A couple things about this group: I  started using pencil, and I did these while watching the Republican Convention on television. So, I think the pencil is too light, so I want to see if I can add more vital dark and light…by getting stronger pencil” He continues through the images, “Another thing is that almost every other drawing is expressionist, so there is some quiet figurative portraits where the likeness is relevant…they’re not all Obama…” Warm laughter is heard somewhere off camera.



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