Avron Soyer on his Teaching

Interview with a Student 2000 -Avron Soyer Avron: I am aware of the danger of identifying the potentialities of art with any particular approach. I am on the side of open creative dialogue between person and discipline. I want to accept and encourage. Yet I also want to help students move closer to art. Thus […]

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Excerpt from Living Art -The Face

2.3 The Face The face is extremely difficult to draw or paint as a unity. It resists connection to the body. It tends to fragment into its features. One problem is language. Face language is extremely analytic. It separates. It doesn’t seem as strange to say, “First I painted his face and then his body” as […]

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Maxine and Avron Read Avron

A video of Avron “Avi” Soyer  and Maxine Kern reading Avron’s Poetry.    

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Writings and Interviews by Avron Soyer

Reflections on life, paintings, theory, conversation.

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