Living Art- IV. Teaching Personal Creative Expression- Painting Archetypes

Painting Archetypes 1.1 Opening  Art is personal. Yet it is crucial to avoid the stereotypical notion of inwardness as entirely idiosyncratic. – First as an artist then as a teacher I began to work through “archetypes.”[1] 1.2 “Looking at the European “old masters” you were probably first struck by their perceptual accuracy. Yet for the […]

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A Dream of Reason- I Opening into Opening, Personal Opening

Opening into Opening Personal Opening (2003) 1 This manuscript is dialogical: it is polyphonic. Every essay and numbered theme is both autonomous and interwoven. Any essay can be an entrance. Readers focused on “the crisis of our time” might enter through Plague Notes (p. 146) or Modernity and the Breakdown of this Order of Life […]

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A Dream of Reason II. Part 2 Entering through Direct Examination of Foundational Concepts

Entering through Direct Examination of Foundational Concepts (1986) 1.Opening We examine some transdisciplinary concepts in their relevance to the reconstruction of sociology-psychology. 2.On the Clarification/Evaluation of “Meaning Constellations” 3.1 Meaning is “the substance” of our life together and apart, not an area within it. The clarification/evaluation of meaning constellations requires mediation between their full existential-historical […]

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A Dream of Reason- VI Part 6- Personal-Interpersonal Field Revisited

The Personal-Interpersonal Field Revisited (1995) 1 1.1 Sorokin argues that to actualize sociology as a science requires openness to its autonomous requirements: Many sociological empiricists still regard sociology  as an alter ego of the natural sciences, particularly of the physico-chemical sciences, in its structure, method and referential principles. If the claims advanced by this school […]

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