Living Art- III. Art Words- Prisms of Language

Visual Meaning and Prisms of Language 1. Painting directly explores visual meaning. We live directly in our senses. Yet we do not exist in isolation, cut off, in a vacuum. No one creates the world anew out of nothing. All personal experience is a variation on human universal themes. Each person’s experienced worl­d is inexhaustible. […]

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Living Art- III. Art Words- Structural Distinctions

Structural Distinctions 1.Drawing and Painting 1.1. Opening The usual distinction between painting and drawing is presence or absence of color. I accept this as a minimal distinction. Yet the artist needs more. Drawing and painting both create shapes. – Pure drawing outlines. It translates the idea of boundary into black line. – Painting works from […]

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Living Art- V. Teaching Creativity -Painting Non-figurative “Objects” and Dancing with the Figure

 V. Teaching Creativity Opening An artifact is a work of art in so far as it sensitively, vitally and intensely embodies inwardness in an interpersonal medium… Inwardness is the world as it is experienced. My inwardness is the world as it appears to me. Every thing visual is soulful. Direct comparison with the model and […]

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Living Art- IV. Teaching Personal Creative Expression- Painting Archetypes

Painting Archetypes 1.1 Opening  Art is personal. Yet it is crucial to avoid the stereotypical notion of inwardness as entirely idiosyncratic. – First as an artist then as a teacher I began to work through “archetypes.”[1] 1.2 “Looking at the European “old masters” you were probably first struck by their perceptual accuracy. Yet for the […]

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Living Art- IV. Teaching Personal Creative Expression- Painting the Scene

  4. Painting the Scene 1 I remember walking across The Brooklyn Bridge with my parents when I was a young boy. We looked down at the old stained worn wooden piers. I was surprised when my father said, “They would be wonderful to paint.” It took a great leap of imagination for his and […]

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Living Art – V. Answering My Students

A Visual Artist Answers his students Student: What shaped you as a teacher? Avron: My personality as a teacher is rooted in my childhood….My father Isaac, mother Sofia and two of my uncles Moses and Raphael were painters. Isaac, Moses and Raphael were well known. They are characterized as “urban realists,”   “painters of the American […]

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